How to Find the Best Car Vacuums

by Mike Duncan

What is the best car vacuum out there on the market? This is a question often asked by many car owners who need something that really picks up dirt and rubbish left all over the seats and floors. The best car vacuums should all have the same must-have features.

First of all, they should have strong suction power. A vacuum that doesn’t suck up dirt is virtually useless. This means that you need a vacuum that is built powerfully for that purpose. Secondly, the car vacuum should have extension/cleaner attachments available that will help you to clean the hard-to-reach places such as under the car seat and small nooks or crannies at the side of the seats.

No doubt, you can actually remove the seats to get a more thorough clean but that is a lot of work and not recommended for home owners. Lastly, the best car vacuums should be easy to use and highly portable. Cordless handheld car vacuums are ideal if they have a good deal of suction power and extension attachments.

A big and bulky car vacuum that is corded requires you to use it only in the garage, which means you can’t clean up the car while you’re on the road. A cordless car vacuum allows you to just pop open the trunk, take out a vacuum and start cleaning no matter where you are. This is very important when you are on the go and need to pick up someone but need to give your car a quick clean-up before hand.

The best car vacuums should also be value-for-money given their feature set, capabilities and size. Car vacuums that are too expensive may be a good investment, as long as they don’t spoil easily. The best car vacuums should come with a warranty of some sort to prevent this from happening.

Generally, I like to purchase my car vacuums from established brands like Metro, Black and Decker, Dyson or Shark because these brands specialize in producing products like this. Unknown brands may occasionally deliver a good car vacuum but in my experience this has been rare. You can’t go wrong with buying the more popular brands.

I’ve listed my top picks for the best car vacuums below. You can click on each of the links to see their product descriptions/specifications and reviews on Alternatively, check out our car vacuum reviews for more in-depth information. I prefer to buy my car vacuums from Amazon because I’ve found that their prices usually cheaper than retail stores. I hope this short guide on choosing the best vacuum cleaners has been helpful!