Black and Decker CHV9608 Cyclonic Action Vacuum Review

by Mike Duncan

With 9.6 Volt Cyclonic-Action and an AccuREACH expendable nozzle, Black & Decker CHV9608 does come with some cool add-ons. What I love about Black & Decker CHV9608 is that it comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. Even if I chanced upon a faulty unit, I can easily return it and get a replacement. Black & Decker CHV9608 comes with an upholstery brush, VF96 filter and optional wall-mounted charging base. It also features a translucent dust bin which is useful for indicating when it is time for a clean out.

While I was very much impressed with the suction power, quietness and sleek design at first, the total battery life its not very impressive. After about 3 months, I see signs of battery deterioration, although that is to be expected for all battery-powered products. The suction power seems to have dwindled a little as well. Once again, I think this does happen in relation to the weakening of battery power… it doesn’t seem to be a real built-in defect of some sort.

Although I have to admit that I like the expandable nozzle very much, which I use for sucking up irritating hard to reach corners and from the front to backseat without having to move myself physically. Black & Decker CHV9608 works great within car interiors too, especially the upholstery attachment which allows me to go all out at the car upholstery.

However, I feel that this isn’t one of the best hand held vacuums when it comes to battery life. Perhaps the problem lies with not properly charging the unit. Usually, hand-held vacuums require full battery drainage once a while and a full charge up for proper maintenance of battery life. Since I have been negligent with that for sometime, this might be the case.

Clogging can be a problem too as well with this unit. When this happens, I find myself needing to empty the dust bin pretty often. Despite its apparent flaws (or perhaps my own), I feel that Black & Decker CHV9608 does fabulously well with in the accessories department, especially with its AccuREACH expendable nozzle. I would put my money on another available dust buster for a safer bet. In my opinion, a better alternative you should consider instead is the Black & Decker PHV1800CB Handheld Vacuum.

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