Cordless Car Vacuums – A Buyer’s Guide

by Mike Duncan

Even before one gets to know about what to look out for and know about a cordless car vacuum, it is worth noting that, just like the name suggests, a cordless car vacuum is a type of a vacuum cleaner used to clean cars, only that this one does not have a cord, and is powered by a set of batteries. It offers both flexibility and convenience because one can carry them from one place to the other without the long electric cord common in other cleaners.

It is also worth noting that these cordless car cleaners come in different shapes, sizes, and with different features. Although they are good for cleaning cars, some people also use them to sweep vinyl floors, wooden floors, and even carpets. But in this case, we are focusing on things you should know when buying a cordless car vacuum.

The fact that they use batteries which are rechargeable means they can be charged when the machine is not in use. Such batteries are known to last for 10 minutes to several hours, depending with the particular make of the machine. Make sure you find out the battery life before picking a car vacuum. Apart from the fact that they use batteries, they are easy to store and maintain. In other words they are not bulky, and can be hand held when being used, and stored when not being used.

Cordless car vacuums are ideal for quick cleaning jobs, for they are light and quite effective. Traditionally, vacuums with electric cords are heavy, and have to be dragged around each time you are doing the cleaning. But there is a trade-off. Since cordless car vacuums are generally more portable and smaller, they also tend to have less suction power, although it really depends on the vacuum you pick. Some cordless car vacuums have more than enough suction power for the debris commonly found in cars.

There are quite a few cordless car vacuums out there but there are only a few of them with really good consistent reviews from buyers. Two of them include the Eureka 71B and Black & Decker PHV1800CB, both are excellent vacuums with great suction power and features, which make them perfect for car interiors.

Manufacturer’s are still trying to come up with models that are light, and with longer battery life. Cordless car vacuums can be found in most department stores and appliance stores. One can also buy them online through marketplaces like, which is my favorite website to use because of their excellent rates and great service guarantees.