Dirt Devil RED Scorpion Hand Vacuum Review

by Mike Duncan

This Dirt Devil Red Scorpion hand vacuum holds a powerful 7 amp motor which is great for picking up regular messes that other hand held vacs fail to suck up, such as cat litter, grainy or cereal-size object. The Dirt Devil SD20005RED Scorpion Quick Flip 7 AMP Hand Vac is a wonderful piece of equipment to have around the car, home and office. It really meets all the expectations of a corded hand held vacuum and more.

What I personally love about Dirt Devil Scorpion is its Quick Flip crevice tool that you can flop over, granting you the convenience of changing gears amidst cleaning. This handy dandy little device saves you a lot of time. Gone are the days of having to hunt around for the attachments. Dirt Devil Scorpion also comes with a hose and dusting brush as addition add-ons. I love giving my entire car interior a good clean down once a while with a corded hand-held just because it gives consistent suction power without a draining charge.

I find that its 16 feet long power cord extends long enough to give me sufficient reach to clean places that are hard to reach without sacrificing on power. That’s one of the advantages of having a corded hand vacuum around. You just plug in and suck away, no worries about battery maintenance or gradual loss of suction power as with cordless models.

Also, this model works superbly well with a massive amount of sandy particles such as cat litter in the house and sandy car mats. Cleaning up my cats’ mess is so easy these days with this little device around. Dirt Devil Scorpion features a dust cup instead of the normal bag type so cleaning up would just mean giving the dust cup a little rinse.

I honestly did not like it when I suddenly find out that my vacuum bag supply has ran out just when I really need to complete a cleaning task at hand. Ordering online and waiting till the bags arrive in the mailbox feels dreadful because I can’t get things clean when I need to. Hence, having a dust cup type of vacuum cleaner makes a lot of difference to my life.

The only drawback is its size (which I know can be a plus for mobility). Due to its size, the built in dust cup fills up pretty darn fast so I find that I may have to rinse out in between vacuums for major cleaning jobs. However, since most of my clean-ups are modest and quick, this doesn’t really pose a huge problem for me. I love the Dirt Devil Scorpion’s power.

Suction power itself is one of the best selling points of Dirt Devil Scorpion. I think it works better some of the better larger vacuums that I have come across. I wouldn’t think twice about this one if you are looking for a sturdy corded hand held with a novel nose and great suction power for everyday cleaning jobs.

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