Hoover LINX BH50015 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Review – Brilliant Battery Life and Strong Suction Power

by Mike Duncan

There aren’t many hand held vacuums on the market that boasts a Lithium battery. Hoover LINX Cordless Handheld Vacuum, BH50015 is one of the rare exceptions. This cordless hand vacuum from Hoover’s Platinum Collection is an ergonomically designed portable hand vacuum that features powerful cyclonic action filtration and suction. It’s powered by an interchangeable 18-volt lithium ion battery with fade-free technology, which means it will continue running at full power right up until it goes completely dead.

And thanks to the ergonomic design, you’ll experience minimal stress on hand and wrist even with extended use. This model also includes a dusting brush and crevice tool for getting into hard to reach places like upholstery and it’s backed by Hoover’s 6 year limited warranty.

When it comes to being truly committed environmentally-wise, owning a Lithium Ion battery is the most environmentally responsible move any consumer can make. I owned and thrown away countless hand held vacuums in the past just because of the poor battery life of those many models.

This has led me to be disappointed time and time again once the battery power shows any signs of fading. But not with Hoover LINX BH50015. Even if the battery eventually dies, I just have to order a new battery rather than throwing out the entire unit. This makes Hoover LINX BH50015 truly a worthwhile long term cleaning investment.

The Hoover LINX BH50015 makes my life easier with its cyclonic action filtration system and an easy empty dust cup. This is really the perfect cordless hand held vacuum or nearest to perfect I have encountered so far, since I prefer the bagless dust cup vacuums. Just take it out rinse and empty – a simple 20 second action.

There’s even a battery-fuel gauge which allows me to see when the unit is due for a recharge. I can vacuum with great ease without having to worry about the the charge suddenly dying on me. Best of all, it doesn’t slowly fade into uselessness like other vacuum models. Just like the manufacturer says, the Hoover Cordless Hand Vac runs at full power literally right up until it completely dies, which isn’t often because it lasts quite a while on a full charge.

I like almost everything about Hoover LINX BH50015 except for its extensible crevice tool which could do much better to stay extended. I didn’t like how I needed to adjust it from time to time amidst cleaning. But this is really a small quibble because the battery life is of this unit is amazing.


  • Price – considering how powerful this hand vac is and how well it performs, the price is very reasonable, especially when you take into account the 6 year warranty
  • Versatility – you’ll be able to clean all kinds of things with this vac, not just upholstery
  • No fading – runs at full power right up until the battery dies
  • Long lasting – runs a good long while on a full charge


  • Collapsing brush – the included brush collapses if you put too much pressure on it while in use but that’s only a minor annoyance

I find myself cleaning my automobile to my fullest contentment and joy without any fading of power. That’s a very high standard for any cordless hand held vac in the market that not many cordless hand held competitors can meet. Highly recommended piece of equipment that’s built to last.

Here’s a video showing how the Hoover Linx works:

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