Metro Vacuum VM4BS500 Professional Stainless Steel Hand Vacuum Review

by Mike Duncan

Many of us are huge fanatics when it comes to keeping our garages and cars clean, and that means we need a very powerful yet versatile vacuum system. Unfortunately, over the past few years we have all been through tons of different makes and models from the major players and none of them really lived up to the marketing hype. That all changed though now we have come across the Metro Vacuum HRS83BA Garage Wall Mount Vacuum/Blower. Here are some user reviews, but first let’s see what it has to offer.

The Metro Vacuum HRS83BA features all steel construction and runs on a powerful 4 HP, twin fan industrial motor that’s capable of producing over 95 inches of water lifting power. It comes with a 24 foot hose (broken down into six foot segments), giving it incredible reach, even while mounted on the wall (this mount is included). It also comes with a handy set of 4 car detailing tools, a swivel wall and floor brush, two 20” extensions, a Magic-Air inflator nozzle (for tires, blow-up beds, sports equipment, etc.), a powerizer air maximizer, dust brush, crevice tool and upholstery tool.

User Experience with the Metro Vacuum HRS83BA

Alright, enough with the specs. Any company can put together an impressive feature list for their product but what matters at the end of the day is whether or not the product actually lives up to the hype. Reviewers reported that the Metro Vacuum HRS83BA does just that and more. Many have been completely blown away by just how powerful and how useful this thing is. In fact, they were constantly finding new uses for it.

Some kept theirs mounted on the wall in the garage 99% of the time, and even while mounted, they can still reach and clean both cars in the garage including the trunks (a good suggestion is to mount it on the far wall closest to the front of the vehicles). And thanks to all of the included attachments, they can get down into every little nook and cranny in each vehicle like under the seats and in the little crevices on the consoles. They can even clean the air vents and suck out all the dirt, leaves and other debris that falls down into the gap between the windshield and the hood. Most of the reviewers love this thing!


  • Tons of power for such a compact vacuum
  • Includes a 24 foot hose, and even with the full length attached, it doesn’t lose any suction
  • Wall mountable, so it stays out of the way and off the floor
  • Tons of included attachments for a variety of jobs
  • Durable all steel construction
  • Made right here in the USA


  • For this price, they could have thrown in the optional wheel casters, which come in handy when you do take the vacuum down off the wall
  • Should have come up clearer instructions
  • Dry use only (it’s not a wet/dry vac)

The Bottom Line

Overall most couldn’t be more pleased with the Metro Vacuum HRS83BA. Unless you plan on vacuuming liquids, this is the perfect all around shop/garage/vehicle vacuum. It has tons of different uses and thanks to the incredibly long hose (included!) you never feel tied down like you do with other vacs. Best of all, it’s made right here in the good old USA. Because of that and all the other benefits this vac has to offer, the users wouldn’t have any reservations about recommending it to anyone that needs an excellent all around vacuum.

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