Shark SV736N Cordless Handheld Vacuum Review

by Mike Duncan

The Shark SV736N 15.6-Volt Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with Motorized Brush is a brilliant invention for pet owners. I tend to chauffeuring my dogs around town sometimes but their hair just gets everywhere on the backseat. That’s when I’ll whisk out Shark SV736N, put on the detachable motorized brush and use it to suck up every bit of the dog hair. The motorized brush is cool because it uses a rotational brushing motion that rips up every strand of hair from carpets and cushions. Shark SV736N runs on 15.6 volts with Twister Cyclonic technology so you can be guaranteed strong suction power.

Where other hand-helds vacuums such as Dirt Devils are great for vacuuming on upholstery, floor and tiles, Shark SV736N does exceptionally well on carpets and textiles, which means really clean car seats and car mats.

I personally prefer using washable filters and dust cups compared to the dust bag type of vacuums. The former just seems more environmentally friendly. I find that emptying the filter when it is half-full will garner better suction power out of the vacuum. As for the suction power, it goes strong for 13 minutes and then starts to gradually fade.

The Shark SV736N does lasts a good 20 minutes before needing a full charge. That’s long enough to keep your car, home or garage clean and dirt-free. Another great aspect is the LED charging and battery life indicators, which are really useful when it comes to maintaining the healthy battery life of your hand held vac.

One tiny problem is putting the vacuum back unto the wall-mounted charge. This one doesn’t slip easily into its charging zone as well as other models. It requires a bit of a jiggle but it’s not a big problem. The other great aspects of Shark SV736N overrides this tiny flaw. Also, Shark SV736N does weigh a little more than the usual hand-held vac.

As with all hand-held vacuums, the proper upkeep for Shark SV736N requires you to run its battery down completely and then recharge it for 24 hours once a month. I actually prefer using Shark SV736N with its attachments rather than without, it’s especially good for cleaning pet hair and small toilet/kitchen carpets and rugs. For its washable filter feature and motorized brush tool, I would say Shark SV736N is well worth its price tag.

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