Best Car Vacuums of 2020 – Our Top Picks

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We all know the importance of keeping our precious cars clean and tidy. It’s not only unsightly to have food crumbs, pet hair and dirt/debris from the street in your car but unhygienic as well. It’s a good habit to vacuum and clean your car at least once a week to get rid of all the germs, bacteria and dirt on your car seats/mats.

Car vacuums can basically be divided into two main types: professional wall-mount car vacuums and cordless handheld car vacuums. Corded vacuums generally have stronger suction power but they are limited to use only in locations with a power outlet.

Cordless car vacuums usually run on rechargeable batteries and are smaller, more portable and easier to carry around. But cordless vacuums have a limit to the duration of use because the battery power will eventually be used up. This also results in gradually weakening suction power as well.

Best Car Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Let’s have a look at few of the best car vacuums in the market.

All of these car vacuums are wall-mounted and are best used in the garage for a thorough once-a-week cleaning session. Many of them can double as an excellent garage floor cleaner as well because of their suction power and range.

They are highly recommended, especially if you have a large car.

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner WindTunnel 2

This is a fantastic high quality wall-mount bagless vacuum for your garage and it’s excellent for cleaning your car. It has a quiet but powerful 10-amp motor, self-cleaning filters, a 5-gallon tank, and a very long 30-foot hose.

It also comes with 7 cleaning attachments such as crevice tools, floor nozzles, upholstery nozzles, extension wands, and dusting brushes. It’s got a beautiful all-steel canister body and there’s absolutely no need to buy replacement filters so the long-term cost for using this vacuum is very low.

I also like how it comes with a 3-year warranty even though I’ve used it for more than 3 years and never had any problems with it whatsoever. If you’re looking for a wall-mounted car vacuum, this is definitely the one you should buy. Highly recommended without any reservation at all. Get this. You won’t regret it.

Vacmaster VWM510 Wall Mount Vacuum

This is a small and relatively lightweight wall-mount vacuum that can be easily detached and used in other parts of your house. That’s a cool feature that other wall mount vacuums don’t have.

It also has a remote control power switch and comes with a 10-foot flex hose, an 11-foot standard hose and is very easy to install. I also like that it has a blower function and a bundle of attachments such as crevice tools, car nozzles, round dust brushes, and other extension wands. It also comes in a pleasant blue color which adds a touch of brightness to your home or garage.

I particularly fancy how it has a really small footprint even though it’s a wall-mounted vacuum although I would have preferred it to have longer hoses like the Hoover L2310. Still, it’s a fantastic wall mount vacuum that works amazingly well.

Metro Vac MB-3CD Air Force Master Blaster 8-HP

I like this amazing car vacuum for several reasons. First of all, it’s wall-mounted so you don’t have to drag the vacuum all around your car.

You only need to move the 24 feet flexible hose. The entire vacuum is constructed with high-quality steel that’s made-in-the-USA. It provides an astounding 95-inch water lift and has a 4.0 peak horsepower which means this sucker packs a real punch when it comes to vacuuming up dirt in your car.

It also comes with an entire arsenal of useful attachments like a wall mount bracket, crevice tools, dust brushes, 4-piece detailing tool kit, wall/floor brush, and upholstery tool.

It’s fantastic for cars of all sizes from SUVs to trucks. Hell, you can even clean your entire garage with a metro vacuum. Highly recommended if you need a top-quality garage car vacuum and hate having to carry/push a vacuum cleaner while you clean your car.

Right now Amazon is offering a generous 31% discount for this. This means you’ll save $115 off the retail price. This is a great price so take advantage of it while it lasts. You might want to read my review of the Wall Mount Vacuum/Blower or you can just buy it now from Amazon.

Best Handheld Car Vacuums

If you’re looking for a handheld car vacuum that is cordless, battery-operated and small enough to be kept on the floor of your seat, consider the following handheld car vacuums.

These are fairly light-weight, portable and easy-to-handle handheld vacuums that you can fire up anytime for a quick clean while on the road.

Vaclife Handheld Vacuum

One of the things I’ve never liked about handheld vacuums was their short battery life and correspondingly, their gradually weakening suction power.

The vacuum does extremely well on both fronts. It’s the only vacuum in the world that is powered by a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery (superb battery life) and it has a special fade-free technology that allows you to run it full blast right till the last moment until it dies, which is quite frankly, quite essential for a good vacuuming session.

This bagless vacuum has fantastic suction power and is easy to hold/maneuver when using it in the car. Battery life and consistent suction power are very important for portable cordless vacuums and its freedom comes up on top above most other vacuum cleaners. Highly recommended.

Black & Decker Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

This cordless handheld vacuum has a unique nozzle that pivots in 10 positions, giving you a better reach in tight corners. It has a nice wall-mounted charging base, an easy-to-empty bagless filter, a crevice tool, and an upholstery brush.

I like how the thin nozzle design makes it easier to reach under car seats and it works great on car carpets. Holds a battery charge fairly well although it’s inferior to the Hoover in terms of charge lifespan.

It also comes with many advanced features that you will enjoy while using them. One other thing that makes black & decker vacuum stand far from others is its weight.

Eureka 71B Hand-Held Vacuum Cleaner

This is a corded handheld vacuum with a great reach. It has a flexible hose as well as a crevice tool, along with a broad plastic visor for cleaning horizontal surfaces.

I particularly like the extra-long (20 foot) cord and eureka 71b seems to work exceptionally well for pet hair and other hard-to-suck debris. It uses a bagless filter and dust cup that is easy to empty and change.

The soft stretch hose is a nice companion to the flat Rise Visor (which is great for car seats). Without a doubt, the best-corded hand vacuum on the market. If you prefer using a corded vacuum over a cordless vacuum, this is the one you should buy.

Buying Guide

It’s very important to have a look at buying guide before making a purchase, so let’s have a look at a few things that we just have to keep in mind.

Here are some points to consider when choosing a car vacuum:


If you’re looking to vacuum or clean your car while on the go, you will want to invest in a cordless handheld vacuum. These vacuums can easily be kept on your car seat or in the trunk.

Very convenient when you want to touch up the car before or after you pick up/drop off passengers. If you only plan to clean your car once a week in the garage, you can use a larger vacuum instead of a cordless car vacuum.

Corded or Cordless:

Corded vacuums can be used for a longer time. They essentially can keep running for as long as you keep them plugged in. Cordless vacuums will die after a period of time even if you haven’t finished vacuuming your car but they are more convenient to use.

The more powerful car vacuums with stronger motors are always corded because of their energy requirements. Handheld vacuums are likely to be cordless although there are some notable exceptions, like the excellent Eureka 71B vacuum.

Suction Power

Some vacuums have a greater suction power than others because of their design and motor. If you plan to use the vacuum on the floor or other parts of your garage/home, you should probably go for a corded professional vacuum with a more powerful motor.

Bear in mind, the suction power is also affected by the strength of the vacuum’s battery life. This is relevant if you are buying a cordless vacuum.

Battery Life and Charge Length

All cordless vacuums run on batteries and it will be wise to choose one that can hold a charge for an ample duration of time. You want to be able to clean your entire car before the battery dies.

Look for cordless vacuums with long-lasting battery life as well as well designed charging indicators and docks. The Hoover handheld vacuum is a great example of a cordless vacuum that holds a charge for a fantastic length.

It also as a well-designed blue led display indicator to mark battery life. These are good features to have.

Reach and Design

Car vacuums are only useful when they can actually clean up the dirt and debris in your car. Apart from suction power, the design of the car vacuum is important as well.

Pick a car vacuum with a good reach and always consider buying extra attachments like a longer hose or a different brush if it enhances the vacuuming experience. The car vacuum you choose should be ergonomically designed and comfortable to use for an extended period of time.

My Personal Experience of 15 Years!

I’ve bought and used many car vacuums for over 15 years and I’ve gotten a pretty good idea of what makes for a great car vacuum.

While most of them look or seem the same, each of them does offer little features or quirks which differentiate them from each other. No doubt, they all get the job done but some just do it better.

If you don’t have much time and want my personal recommendation on the best car vacuums right now, check out the selection of highly-rated car vacuums below.

There are all sold on, which offers some fantastic discounts. Amazon’s prices are often cheaper than the specialty auto or general retail store so be sure to take advantage of that.


I hope this guide has helped you to choose the best car vacuum cleaner for your car. As I have explained each step in detail. However, you might also have any experience with vacuum cleaners that you would like to share here? If yes, then don’t hesitate to share, It will be very beneficial for all of us. For more detailed reviews, you can browse other sections of my site and will find many useful reviews and guides to us a vacuum cleaner professional.